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6th French Contemporary Art Trade Congress Lyon – 27, 28, 29 November 2013

France’s visual-arts professionals, gathered within the CIPAC federation, are holding their 6th Contemporary Art Trade Congress in Lyon on Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November 2013 during the next Biennale de Lyon.

The CIPAC congress is an unmissable, unifying occasion for visual-arts professionals in France. An array of round tables and other events on a broad themethis year, “necessities of art” – will address the big issues on today’s scene. This events programme, prepared with a future-facing perspective and harnessing a network of French and worldwide experts, aims to envision France’s contemporary-art scene about five to 10 years from now. The congress is primarily a forum for propositions, underpinned by an analysis of the reforms and upheavals currently shaking the ecosystem of contemporary art – and, consequently, that of society as a whole. The congress also wants to let artists have their say : our environment is evolving through political reforms, but also through changes and advances in the practice of art.

This three-day session of debates, round tables, workshops and encounters, will explore art’s place in society from a political, professional and theoretical standpoint.

The CIPAC is an association composed of organisations representative of the professionals involved in the field of contemporary art. Its objective is to foster the development of and support for the life of contemporary art in France. In this perspective, the association constitutes a permanent platform for reflection, exchange and proposal-making around issues that are considered essential by those involved in contemporary art, organising regular congresses and commissioning studies.

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